Neflix Setup for South Africa

Setting up Netflix in South Africa

For this to work you need 3 things:

  1. VPN or DNS account
  2. US based payment method
  3. Netflix account


  1. I used UnoTelly
  • They offer a 8-day free trial, which you can then convert to paid.
  • I am on the $4.95 premium package
  • When you are signed up you will see a Global Servers option on the screen  – click it to see the DNS of the servers closest to you – typically Cape Town!


2.Payment account I used Entropay –

  • It’s a virtual, prepaid Visa card, not a credit card.  You load up dollars
  • Even for the free Netflix trial you need slightly more in there than the 1 month rental… Netflix reserves the funds.. I loaded $10
  • Remember to register with a US address.  I chose New  York State, which has a ZIP code of 10001
  • Sign up, get your 16-digit card number, expiry date and CCV number.. then you use it like a regular card.

If you try Netflix now, without changing  anything on your PC or router ( you will get a “not available  in your country” message.
So we have to implement the steps to make it look like you’re in the US…. Then sign up with Netflix thereafter.
This is the quick version on your PC – later you could choose to implement on your router which is more permanent.
Navigate to the network settings dialog box on your laptop … we’re going to enter the DNS from UnoTelly in the box highlighted below


With this DNS set, click OK all the way back to the beginning of the dialog boxes.
When you now navigate, it appears you are in the US 🙂
3.Sign up to Netflix
I took the free trial, but it DOES check the card, and it will reject a non-US card.
Enter your personal details, but remember you are in the US.  You’ll need to enter the same state as you Entropay card, to make sure the info is consistent

With these steps in place, you should have a working US-based Netflix account, that will stream content to your laptop.

Setup for the TV
There are two further steps – get on to your TV and get on to your router
The TV specific stuff I can’t cover – there are lots of how-to guides you can find via Google.  In addition, UnoTelly has a helpful page covering most devices. This is around getting your TV setup to think it’s in US mode.  If you initially configured it for SA mode, the Netflix icon will probably not even be visible.  This is a factory reset / start again approach, where you choose a different location

Assuming your TV is connecting to the internet you can either use  the on-TV settings to program the DNS from UnoTelly directly to the TV’s network card.  Or to make it more simple (and allow all devices on your network to connect without having to change DNS on each one) you can manually set the DNS on your router.  To find out specifics for your model – I suggest Google or YouTube .    Hope this helps 🙂

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